Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, at Master Center for Addiction Medicine, includes a complete biopsychosocial assessment with an individualized service plan. Patients attend outpatient group therapy four times a week for 3 hours each session. This addiction treatment program includes individual sessions to monitor service plan goal achievement, family education/participation as needed, and case management, including in-house referrals for psychiatric or addiction medicine needs. There is an ability to step down to less frequent groups as individuals transition to outpatient or community-based care.

Targeted Outcomes in Our IOP

Our intensive outpatient program’s goal is to fully reduce problematic substance use behavior. Patients complete the program understanding their use and actively using alternative modes to meet their needs. They will learn to explore actively and participate in community support groups and understand all the options available in their local area. Patients will learn to utilize medical providers to support and strengthen their recovery in our IOP program. They will emerge from understanding the biopsychosocial spiritual model and identifying how they will continue to address these needs in recovery. In addition to the above, they will have a repertoire of relaxation or self-soothing skills for stress management.

Length of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Virginia

Adults who meet the criteria for placement in the Intensive outpatient level of care. A comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment determines placement. An intensive outpatient program is a short-term, highly structured treatment plan designed to help individuals with substance use disorders recover more rapidly and successfully. IOPs are typically conducted after detoxification has been completed. The length of treatment is based on the needs of each patient as determined during the initial assessment. 

An average stay at our intensive outpatient program is approximately one month, depending on progress and staffing availability. All patients meet with their therapist weekly for group therapy and receive daily check-ins from case managers to discuss any concerns or issues hindering progress towards recovery goals and provide guidance on treatment issues.

Our intensive outpatient program is an excellent transitional step for individuals experiencing the challenges associated with early recovery from addiction yet not ready to attend traditional inpatient treatment. The scope of our IOP enables clients to maintain responsibilities at work, school, or home without sacrificing their recovery. The IOP also allows participants to continuously build upon the life skills learned during previous stages of care and helps them transition towards greater independence. Examples of topics covered during include:

  • Gaining freedom from active addiction 
  • Understanding how early recovery affects daily living 
  • Coping with cravings 
  • Reducing risky behavior 
  • Understanding relapse warning signs 
  • Preparing stressors that may trigger a return to drug use

How Master Center for Addiction Medicine’s IOP is Unique

We pride ourselves on being truly person-centered and plan to fully implement the recovery-oriented system of care/person-centered model in our service delivery. We are not prescribing a conventional/traditional IOP; instead, our services are tailored to the members’ needs. Our recommendations for treatment interventions, aftercare, length of stay, etc., are based on each individual’s goals and outcome measures. We are directed to limit group attendance to 10 members to ensure fidelity to this model. With that said, we do conduct groups as needed and as determined by the clinical team.

Our first and foremost focus is on providing an environment where members feel comfortable sharing their recovery experiences with others who can relate and provide feedback and suggestions for coping during both tranquil times and times of great stressors. Our group facilitators are trained to be empathetic and directive when necessary so that participants can gain insight from their unique experiences. 

During weekly sessions, all members receive one-on-one counseling to review goals and progress made towards achieving the goals outlined in the initial assessment process. Group leaders also assist with goal writing and practice positive techniques for coping with cravings and triggers which result in a relapse. Our IOP utilizes a variety of empirically validated interventions that are effective in treating addiction. However, these are not focused on “conventional treatment models” but rather targeted at reducing risk factors for negative outcomes such as relapse/rehospitalization while increasing opportunities for success through increased motivation or awareness to change.

Due to its foundation in evidence-based practices and its focus on a team approach to patient care, the IOP at Master Center for Addiction Medicine does not follow a traditional “one-size fits all” treatment model, but rather a more personalized plan of care is created based on each member’s individual needs. We proudly serve in the following areas:

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