Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Gloucester, VA

When substance use turns to substance abuse, life can spiral out of control quickly. Those living with addiction deserve a strong support circle, access to transformative therapy, and high caliber treatment at a qualified addiction treatment center, like Master Center for Addiction Medicine based in Gloucester, Virginia.

But the sad truth is, not everyone comes from a supportive family, has the means to access proper therapy for their mental health and behavioral health, or is able to set aside months of their lives to receive proper care at an addiction treatment center. 

That’s where an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) comes in.

What are IOPs?

When we think of a person struggling with substance abuse and addictive behaviors seeking out a treatment program, we normally think of a group home with large grounds outside the big city where patients check in, live for months at a time, sometimes work, and focus 100% of their time on recovery. 

Programs like these are commonly referred to as “rehab,” but rehab, or rehabilitation, is a term that could be used to describe what happens in virtually any addiction treatment program. Patients are “rehabilitated” from a life revolving around substance use to a life free from the burden of addiction. 

That kind of treatment program is clinically known as Inpatient Care, because the patients live in the center where they are receiving care. By the same token, outpatient care means that patients live outside the program, but still receive all the same therapy and other recovery services. 

IOPs are designed for those who are seeking to combat mental disorders, emotional disorders, eating disorders, addiction, depression, or other conditions that make life difficult to navigate, but who cannot simply drop the responsibilities of work or family to live full-time in a treatment location. 

Why Choose an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

Inpatient programs can and do change lives every day. But for many, the cost is simply too high.

Paying for a bed and food on top of costly support services isn’t possible for many working individuals. Not to mention the difficulty that many would face in removing themselves from family responsibilities for months at a time, or being granted enough time off work to participate in the full regimen of programs.

For cases like these, IOPs are a great alternative. The care is still rigorous and the benefit can be enormous. 

It can be difficult if the individual living with addiction cohabitates with those who use substances, as triggers like these can sometimes cause relapse. But many IOPs have developed strategies for avoiding triggers and diffusing impulsive urges to use. 

How Our IOP Can Help

Master Center for Addiction in Gloucester, VA offers a wide variety of treatment programs for those living with addiction, from suboxone treatment, to sustained recovery programs, group and individual therapy sessions, psychiatric counseling, peer recovery coaching, and our renowned IOP.

Patients in our IOP attend three-hour outpatient group therapy sessions four times a week. They also attend individual sessions in which they set goals, have their service plans monitored, receive family education as needed, and are eligible for in-house referrals for psychiatric care or addiction treatment medication. 

Our Gloucester facility’s IOP is all about you. It is tailored to the particular needs and learning styles of each patient who walks through the doors of our beautiful Gloucester location. 

How Our IOP is Different

At our Gloucester location, we have devised a treatment program intense enough to transform your life, but not so demanding that you have to put that life on hold. 

The strategy of the IOP is to confront substance abuse head on, and the goal is a full reduction of problematic behavior related to the substance. Our program begins and ends with behavioral health, looking at each patient as a person first, and never as something broken or inherently flawed.

Patients come to understand what they have truly been craving all along, which the impulse to use has been standing in for. Through treatment, they learn to substitute alternatives. Through community support groups, patients understand what all their local treatment options are, and how to utilize medical providers to aid in their recovery.

Master Center of Addiction Medicine in Gloucester conceptualizes care through a biopsychosocial spiritual model, meaning we will consider genetics, relevant illnesses, family history, medications, life experiences, and social and spiritual convictions on top of the relationship to the substance itself. All this helps us to determine the correct course of treatment.

Start the Journey to a New Life

At Master Center for Addiction Medicine in Gloucester, VA, no one is unworthy of the highest level of care. Browse all the services offered in our Gloucester, VA location. Visit our facility yourself, and start taking control of your life.

Accepted Insurance at Master Center 

Master Center IOP is covered by Virginia Commercial Anthem and Virginia Medicaid ARTS plans. We will help patients and their loved ones navigate coverage options and available benefits and offer payment plans for out-of-pocket expenses.

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At The Master Center of Addiction Medicine, we understand how scary that first phone call can be. But we’ve also seen many patients succeed when they make the leap and start the path to recovery. 

Our substance abuse treatments set you up with the care and resources you need in an environment that offers confidentiality and compassion

Contact one of our recovery specialists to get started. We offer same-day appointments and accept most insurance plans. Getting help on your journey to recovery has never been more accessible.

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