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Our promise to you and your patient

Master Center for Addiction Medicine actively partners with those committed to an evidence-based, organized, system-wide health care response to the prevalent and serious disease of addiction. We welcome partnerships, referrals, and collaboration with treatment centers, community services boards, therapists, hospital emergency rooms, probation officers, first responders, employers, and more. You may make a referral quickly and easily by phone or email:

Our referral specialist team at Master Center will contact you or the patient within 24 hours to schedule their first intake appointment. Referring provider will be updated regularly with care coordination regarding their patients.

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Accepted Insurance Providers at Master Center

We offer individualized, evidence-based care at multiple locations throughout Virginia. Master Center accepts most major insurance plans and will help patients and their loved ones navigate coverage options and available benefits. Master Center will work with patients and offers payment plans for out-of-pocket expenses.

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Addiction is treatable. Help your patient take the first step.

Our goal is to help every person that comes to us break free from the cycle of addiction and experience the joy and freedom of lasting recovery. 

Master Center Services

Comprehensive and medically proven addiction treatment programs that incorporate long-term, integrated care in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Master Center Locations

Our outpatient multi-disciplinary addiction medicine programs are available at 3 locations in Virginia, with a 4th location opening in the fall.