Drug and alcohol testing as a precaution

If you suspect someone you love is using the process of administering random drug testing can create unwanted conflict between you and them. A third party can alleviate this problem. Our process is streamlined and cost effective. Previously the options for this valuable service have been limited to home testing or large corporate labs that often have cumbersome, bureaucratic procedures and long wait times. The cost of those services can be substantial, our protocol is efficient and not cost-prohibitive.

Several of our clients find the testing as a positive reinforcement of the hard work they are doing in recovery, and sincerely want to participate. In the case of a positive test, we can have a verification test performed. Additional services for addiction recovery support are available if the need arises.

The Master Center for Addiction Medicine offers the following services for drug and alcohol testing:

Randomized drug and alcohol screens

The Master Center is pleased to provide random drug testing to families, counselors, businesses, and schools for the Richmond, Virginia area. These tests are completely confidential and the results can be provided to parents, counselors, employers, or any designated person. This valuable service provides accountability for people who are in recovery from addiction while avoiding the conflict often associated with a loved one or employer conducting testing.

The tests are randomized, the client is notified the morning of the test and asked to stop in the office before the end of the business day. The process is efficient, with no long waits for testing. Our office is easily accessible from the metropolitan Richmond area.

Urinalysis as court-supervised probation

Attorneys can use this service for clients that may be awaiting trial for drug or alcohol charges. Proof that their client is abstinent and working on recovery can have a positive influence on sentencing for drug-related crimes or driving under the influence cases. We also offer comprehensive additional treatment services, as well as expert witness testimony on behalf of clients.

Employee drug testing services

Employers will appreciate the convenience of our random drug testing program. The Master Center can test one employee randomly or implement drug testing for an entire office. Pre-employment drug screening is also available. Additional services for corporations are available as well, if one of your employees shows a positive drug screen we can design a treatment plan for them to adhere to so they can begin their recovery.

Diagnostic tests for students

Schools often are looking for drug screening solutions for students who have violated student conduct policies. We are happy to develop a confidential drug testing program that can help monitor students who have had addiction issues or are uncompliant with their recovery program. Schools no longer have to resort to expulsion for an alcohol or drug offense. By offering a randomized drug testing program for teens they can retain students and offer them treatment solutions instead of punishment.

Drug testing in Richmond, VA

The Master Center believes addiction is a serious medical issue, not a weakness of character. We treat our clients as people fighting an illness. We respect our clients. When someone arrives at our office for testing, they are welcomed and not judged, regardless of the outcome of the test. Our clients truly see that we are an ally, not an adversary. This relationship opens the door to any future services that may be needed. Many of our staff members are in recovery from addiction and are aware of the stigma associated with this condition.