Master Center Group Therapy Schedule

10:00aRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery Group
11:00aCodependency GroupRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery GroupRecovery Group
1:00pAlcohol Recovery
1:30pWomen’s Empowerment
3:00pAlcohol RecoveryRecovery GroupRecovery GroupMaintenance GroupNicotine Recovery
4:00pSelf-Care GroupProfessionals Group
5:30pWomen’s GroupMen’s GroupHealth ProfessionalsDBT Group
6:30pHealth Professionals
7:00pFamilies AnonymousRecovery GroupRecovery GroupMaintenance GroupMusic in Recovery

Group and individual therapy in Virginia

Therapy plays an important part in a patient’s recovery from addiction to substances, and two of the main treatment options we use are individual and group therapy programs. Our highly qualified, professional counselors and physicians at the Master Center for Addiction Medicine can help you or your loved one to work through a variety of issues as part of your tailored treatment plan, which will enable you to gain a greater understanding of the problems you are trying to overcome.

Counseling and education services

Our counselors provide professional counseling sessions, as well as education for patients and loved ones. We help our patients learn to manage stress in a healthy manner and make informed decisions and life choices to support their recovery throughout their treatment. Outpatient group therapy also teaches our patients coping strategies that are beneficial to overcoming drug or alcohol addictions. The client’s loved ones are encouraged to engage throughout the course of treatment, with the loved one’s permission, with on-site family and concerned person’s education and processing groups held regularly as part of our counseling sessions. The education sessions that we run alongside therapy sessions are equally as important for patients, as well as their loved ones, to assist with both treatment and recovery.

Addiction-related issues

The group therapy drug rehab treatment plans provided by the center feature pre-treatment motivational groups, long-term support, and growth, alongside relapse prevention groups. These options ensure that you are offered the help and understanding you require throughout your journey of recovery. There will always be support available to access, even after you have completed your initial treatment program, with drug group therapy activities, as well as individual therapy for drug addiction. Group therapy drug addiction groups focus on a range of issues that have been found to most affect patients of drug or alcohol addictions, for example, family and relationships, goal-setting, as well as recovery, relapse, and the use of medication-assisted treatments. If you are looking for intensive outpatient treatment in Richmond, VA, our certified and experienced addiction therapists can help you, or a loved one, create a detailed treatment plan with an individual drug therapist and IOP drug treatment. Group therapy for drug and alcohol provided by our counselors also focuses on dual diagnosis relating to the patient’s recovery and any possible treatment for relapse prevention. Many of these problems can often go hand in hand with addiction problems, which is why we incorporate them into our individual treatment and therapy plans as part of our IOP therapy group sessions.

Compassionate and understanding group therapy

The Master Center strives to provide supportive and compassionate treatment for patients working to overcome drug and alcohol-related issues. Our therapists offer the best IOP addiction recovery groups in Richmond, VA, and are available to provide support for patients at any time. For individual counseling, we also have telemedicine services for patients experiencing difficulties but unable to access the location of the center. Recovering from substance-related addiction issues is a long journey and can be made more challenging without the right support, which is why group counseling in Richmond, VA can be beneficial to patients. Taking part in therapy sessions as a group has been found to be useful as it offers a greater level of understanding and creates a wider network of support for the patient. This kind of therapy session is helpful to patients during recovery, particularly as part of relapse prevention. Every group therapy session has an open, compassionate atmosphere and is led by one of our specialist drug and alcohol addiction counselors over a set time period. You can continue the group therapy sessions at the Master Center after your initial treatment, through our intensive outpatient drug treatment groups.

We understand that all our patients have different needs and require varying levels of support. All our physicians pride themselves on providing the highest quality, individual support services to each person that we treat. Our therapists often recommend a combination of individual and group therapy sessions as part of the specialist treatment provided to patients recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Group therapy for drug and alcohol addiction is a critical component of the recovery process at the Master Center, where we help patients build a clean and sober life post-treatment.

Our therapists are trained to help you or your loved one confront any issues that may be preventing you from living the healthy life that you want, as we believe mental health is just as important as physical health. By working with counselors and physicians in Virginia, we can help you continue to overcome issues faced in everyday life that may contribute to possible addiction problems that you have encountered. The group therapy sessions that we offer can continue the work that you have started personally with the Master Center, providing support both during and post initial treatment.

Start the process of recovery

Our individual and group therapy sessions will help support you as you begin to build a life free from addiction and the issues that accompany it. The most important aspect of our therapy treatment programs is the support that they provide to our patients and their loved ones, aiding recovery and helping to avoid the possibility of relapse. There will always be someone here at the Master Center to help.