Expert addiction psychiatry in Virginia

When an individual has an addiction to alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, it’s not only a hard and scary time for them but also for their family. Those who are abusing drugs often lose or damage relationships with their family, friends, and even themselves. They no longer understand who they used to be and they begin to feel lost, useless, and ashamed. When someone has gotten to this point, receiving help from a professional is their only option to regain their former self and rebuild connections. At the Master Center for Addiction Medicine, we have professional and highly trained addiction psychiatry specialists who can provide significant amounts of help and support to individuals affected by addiction. Whether you’re seeking help for a loved one, or for yourself, an addiction psychiatrist can be of great service and aid those in need with all of the necessary assistance. We can help all of our patients to beat their addictions and re-find the person that they once were.

The devastating effects of addiction

When someone has an addiction, a lot of strain can get put on their daily life from work to maintaining relationships. Drugs and alcohol can cause an individual to become a different person; they may act in a way that they would never have done if it weren’t for the drugs and this can cause an enormous amount of grief and damage. Not only can jobs and relationships get severely compromised, but the overall health and psychology of the addicted individual can also be negatively affected. Many different things can trigger substance use, such as depression or anxiety. If you or someone close to you is going through addiction, call today for an addiction psychiatrist in Richmond, Virginia, and get the necessary help.

What is an addiction psychiatrist?

An addiction medicine psychiatrist works with those who have addictions to substances such as alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication. For this type of doctor, specific skills and training are needed to be able to carry out the necessary treatments. Our substance abuse psychiatrists are professional, compassionate, highly educated, trained, and experienced to work with a range of people from all different ages but who all share something in common: addiction. Our addiction psychiatrist works one on one with the clients to evaluate and determine what caused their drug or alcohol problem. Our patient’s drug psychiatrist will talk to them about their history. During these sessions, we often begin to see some of the issues that contributed towards the substance use. If our client is showing signs of withdrawal symptoms during their treatment, their doctor can also provide them with prescribed medication to calm and control their need. This job requires the drug or alcohol psychiatrist to have extreme knowledge and specialized training in psychology and also physical health. This education gives the doctor the ability to deploy the best treatments that are unique to each patient that they work with.

What gets performed during addiction psychiatry?

During our patient’s appointments with their addiction doctor, clients will be asked a range of questions so that we can get a deeper understanding of the person we’re working with. We ask about our client’s mood, thoughts, and life, in order to determine where the drug use started and escalated. We may also perform a simple examination, for example, taking the blood pressure of the patient. Our psychiatrists are there for their patient to confide in and release any pent up emotions.

How can a drug dependence psychiatrist help?

An addiction psychiatrist is significantly beneficial to those who are addicted to painkillers, alcohol, heroin, or other drugs. At the Master Center, we have one of the best addiction psychiatry teams. Our doctors work closely with the clients in an attempt to stop them from abusing substances. They then help them to maintain a healthier lifestyle and mindset. One of the main benefits of having addiction psychiatry is that it’s confidential and unbiased. Our psychiatrists don’t know anything about their patients except for what they’ve shared. By having a balanced but helpful input to all of their advice, it encourages the patient to release any emotions or issues that have been contributed to their addiction. Our clients can express anything that they need to with their psychiatrist and work on overcoming negative matters so that nothing holds them back from a full recovery.

It’s also incredibly important for the family and friends of our patients to help in any way that they can. The more support and encouragement that our client gets, the more likely they are to recover from their addiction and not have a relapse. Assuming an attitude of compassion and understanding goes a long way. During addiction treatment, they can still get triggered, and unsupportive family members can cause them to spiral. Positive energy is the best solution. When a client undergoes substance abuse treatment, they always get treated with the utmost respect. We understand that drug addiction is difficult and many of those who are suffering can feel depressed and hopeless. We encourage our patients to get active, resourceful, and healthy by adopting positive habits, and we’re right by their side throughout the recovery process.

The best addiction psychiatry in Richmond, VA

If you’re looking for a substance use psychiatrist in Richmond VA to find help for a loved one or yourself, look no further than the Master Center. We supply professional, supportive, and experienced psychiatrists who are fully trained to provide the service to its full potential and help those in need as much as possible.