All new patients at Master Center for Addiction Medicine are enrolled in our INSIGHT Program as part of their first month of treatment. Patients will participate in specific psycho-educational group meetings focusing on important topics and information necessary for early recovery. We offer a variety of addiction treatment programs.

Introducing the Insight Program

The purpose of the INSIGHT Program is to assist new patients in making a smooth transition from acute care to continuing their recovery via formal treatment and outpatient services.

The INSIGHT program work through three stages:

  • Stage 0: Group introductions, patient expectations expressed, rules of engagement, attitude and assertiveness explained.
  • Stage 1: Addiction defined, and understanding denial explored alongside learning about the disease model of addiction.
  • Stage 2: Coping skills for early recovery learned

Within the first month of treatment, patients will be required to attend the INSIGHT groups consisting of four psycho-educational group meetings.

INSIGHT will include:

  • Introduction to Master Center group
  • Group meeting explaining medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program and recovery
  • Relapse prevention group
  • Coping skills group

All groups at the Master Center will be offered in rotation, multiple days per week. New patients will have an opportunity to attend one INSIGHT group every week.

What to Expect

Five specific INSIGHT Modules are mandated for all patients. These include:

  1. Motivation and Commitment to Recovery
  2. Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Addiction
  3. The Disease Model of Addiction (Physical Dependence, Withdrawal, Tolerance)
  4. What Is Recovery? And What Does It Mean To Be In Recovery?
  5. Stages of Change (Precontemplation, Contemplation, Action, Maintenance)

Patients complete written assignments after each session which adds to their recovery file at Master Center for Addiction Medicine; family members or loved ones can review these files. Patients also have the opportunity to give anonymous feedback via post-tests following each module and give feedback on their experience of the INSIGHT Program.

All materials will be provided at the first group session unless a patient demonstrates significant cognitive impairment, which would prohibit them from completing written assignments after each session. Patients will have up to two months following treatment completion to complete all five modules and post-tests as part of the INSIGHT Program; however, this timeline may vary depending upon individual circumstances as determined by Master Center for Addiction Medicine clinical staff. Patients who do not complete the INSIGHT Program within their first month of treatment with MCFAM will be discharged from care and referred back to their family physician for further.

Family Participation

INSIGHT sessions are open to family members and loved ones. They will have the opportunity to attend the same group meetings as an INSIGHT participant. If a doctor’s note is required for a patient’s absence from work or school, this note can be sent directly to Master Center rather than having patients miss extra days while obtaining doctor’s notes. Families who voluntarily choose not to attend may complete any missed assignments at their convenience.

All completed, written assignments will be placed in patients’ recovery files at MCAM, and parents/guardians may review these files if they wish during patient visits. Patients also have an anonymous post-test following each module that they can give feedback via written survey or verbal communication with staff present. Patients will be required to attend all four groups within the first month of treatment. Patients who do not complete all four groups in this time frame may be discharged from MCAM.

The Recovery Process and Stages of Change

The recovery process enables those fighting addiction to progress at their rate, as it is often a lifelong battle rather than an overnight solution. Those who seek recovery are at different stages and must find what works best for them personally, as no one model fits everyone.

There are five main stages: Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Action, Maintenance, and Relapse. Master Center will assist patients in navigating through these steps during each INSIGHT group session based upon participants’ personal needs and requirements. Request an appointment below to get started.