For Families & Friends

Addiction hurts everyone. Find resources and support specifically designed for the people who love someone with addiction.

Help for Families & Friends

Are you a family member or friend of someone struggling with addiction? We know how tough that can be. Family and friends suffer right along with the person they care about. This can result in stress, misunderstandings, and a lot feelings to process.

To help support you on your journey to wellbeing, Master Center offers services designed specifically for families and friends of individuals with a substance use disorder.

Services & Support Designed for You

Treatment Matching & Referral

See Curated Resources

Explore a handpicked collection of materials to better understand addiction, treatment, recovery, and the impact on families.

Treatment Matching & Referral

Find Others Like You

Peers can offer invaluable support and lived experience. Find a list of community support meetings, both in-person and online.

Treatment Matching & Referral

Get Expert Advice

Get answers to the most common questions families have about addiction from addiction experts during Q&A style webinars.

Learn about Addiction & the Family in Private Classes

Take the first step towards becoming an informed ally in your loved one’s healing process.

Classes are led by a trained substance abuse counselor to help you understand addiction and better support your family member’s recovery. You’ll explore how addiction affects relationships and learn about brain science, family dynamics, and coping skills. The classes are small, so you’ll get personal attention from the instructor, and you’ll have a chance to share with others going through similar experiences.

The series of 4 classes is conducted by Zoom, and each class costs just $25.

Speak with a trained member of our intake team to learn more and sign up.

Focus on Your Recovery in Group Therapy for Families

Prioritize your own wellbeing to be at your best for yourself and others.

A loved one’s addiction can be an emotional rollercoaster – from compassion to frustration and from anger to sadness. It’s tough to deal with, but you’re not alone. Group therapy specifically designed to support the families and friends of an addicted person can help you process those feelings and explore healthy coping methods.

In this 6-week program, led by a trained addiction counselor, you’ll find a safe space among others who understand. By connecting with people in the same situation, you’ll gain valuable insights into your healing journey.

This 6-week group therapy is limited to 12 participants and will be billed through your insurance. Self-pay options are also available.

Speak with a trained member of our intake team to learn more and sign up.

Connect with Local Resources

Find Support Services

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. To find resources in your area for medical assistance, food pantries, clothing, adult education, and more, consult our handy map. It’s sortable by resource type and geographic region to help you find what you need to better support your loved one.

Get help today.

Our team of addiction medicine experts are compassionate and committed to making addiction treatment accessible, understandable, and affordable.

Use the confidential form below to request an outpatient or telehealth appointment, ask a question, seek help for a loved one, or request more information about addiction medicine. We're here to help! You may also call us at 804.332.5950.

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