Master Center for Addiction Medicine is a physician-led addiction treatment program with locations throughout Virginia – including Greater Richmond, Gloucester, Hampton, and Chesterfield. We are committed to an evidence-based, organized, system-wide response to the disease of addiction. Master Center offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to every individual we serve by drawing on the expertise of an array of experienced addiction counselors and therapists committed to supporting individuals with urgent detox and long-term recovery programs. Our goal is to help every patient break free of alcohol addiction and discover the joy of lifelong recovery. 

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Our Process

Drug addiction is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening disease that consumes the lives of millions of Americans every year. While addiction is correlated with mainstream medicine, treatment options aren’t as readily available for those struggling with severe substance or alcohol abuse. It’s our mission to provide Virginia residents with the support and resources they need to kick their addiction for good. 

A huge part of our process is reliable and effective outpatient care combined with routine assessments to check progress. We combine our many years of industry experience with proven medical treatment methods to help each and every patient free themselves from drug addiction. 

Why Choose Master Center?

Finding the right organization to help you or a loved one through drug abuse can be challenging. Not only do you need a team of competent professionals who have the skills to guide patients through the recovery process, but you also need to find a place with a comfortable and supportive environment. The Master Center provides numerous other core values that make us a leading addiction treatment center for alcohol detox in Virginia. 

That said, being one of the leading drug rehab centers in the state doesn’t come easy. We’re continuously refining our process and striving to find ways to help more people achieve sobriety. Our core foundation is built upon leadership, trust, compassion, teamwork, and innovative medical treatments. 

Our Approach to Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism is more prevalent in the United States than in any other drug. Since alcohol is legal, people have easier access to it, and that’s why it can quickly become addictive. What’s more, it’s a socially normal substance, so people from all walks of life consume it regularly. 

Nearly 88,000 people are killed in drinking-related incidents in the United States every year. One of the most peculiar things about alcoholism is that it can come out of nowhere. However, when moderate drinking turns into regular daily consumption, the person is more likely to fall further towards alcoholism. 

Those struggling with alcoholism or other forms of drug abuse should seek help from a team of professionals, as it can be a long and painful battle without proper treatment. Our addiction treatment center has a tried and trusted approach to alcohol detox that helps countless Virginia residents free themselves from alcoholism. 

We understand that not everyone’s condition is identical. To ensure everyone gets the proper treatment they need to free themselves from drug abuse, we provide an assessment and customized treatment plan tailored towards the patient’s needs and lifestyle.  

Our Locations in Virginia

For your convenience, we have multiple locations for our treatment centers. If you or a loved one needs us, you will find us in these locations:

Begin Your Recovery Process With Us Today

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