Extended monitoring & case management

When someone you love has an addiction to illegal drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol, it can be a painful and strenuous time for everyone involved. We understand from both points of view how each party feels during this stressful and emotional time. In many cases, the one addicted knows that they are causing suffering to themselves and those around them, but their need for the substance can override any other feelings. A user can feel scared, lonely, and vulnerable; not knowing who to turn to if feel they’ve let their family down can be terrifying. Their drug use can also cause them to do or say things that they don’t mean. Seeking assistance from a professional drug recovery program can help those addicted to breaking their need by using a range of methods offered at the Master Center for Addiction Medicine. We provide our patients with a progress program that monitors their entire treatment. However, our addiction accountability program still needs the support and love from the patient’s family to make it even more successful.

What is addiction monitoring and case management?

During our patient’s addiction treatment, we document the whole of their progress including their recovery. Our addiction monitoring program includes the following services:

  • Unsystematic drug testing reports such as breathalyzer tests and urine tests
  • Addiction crisis management
  • Employer and legal liaison including court letters and referrals
  • During treatment and discharge, we collaborate with the treatment program staff
  • We continue the evaluation of addiction and coexisting disorders

Addiction Monitoring & Case Management is a valuable tool for families and is often requested for legal and job-related matters to make sure the patient is on track with their recovery. When a client is recovering, the monitoring gets classified as aftercare. Within aftercare, the individual will participate in a range of activities such as addiction counseling, support groups, addiction follow-up, recovery coaching, and more. Case management is where we use a collection of processes that assess, evaluate, and educate. Our clients and their families can receive all the support and services that they need. All of our patients get assigned a case manager who works one on one with them. The individual can create a friendship with their manager, confide in them, and communicate with them during their entire treatment. The recovery plan that our clients receive gets tailor-made to suit their specific requirements and needs. A well-planned course of action can result in our patients leading a lifetime of happiness and success.

How important is extended monitoring?

When you have a loved one who has recently finished treatment, or if you have completed your addiction treatment, the last thing that anybody wants is a relapse. When aftercare and extended monitoring get carried out, our patients are less likely to have a relapse. We’re always there to provide support and encouragement when things get tough. We supply plenty of motivation to help our clients get through their recovery. Without professional, supportive monitoring during drug addiction treatments, the individual can be triggered into re-using the substance that once ruined their life. An effective coping strategy will get applied to aid our client.

What is drug probation reporting?

If an individual gets put on a community supervision program by a judge or if they get let out from incarceration but must remain in recovery as a condition of their release, the Master Center can provide them with a brief addiction monitor within a supervised environment. Offenders who have not undergone professional substance treatment and recovery are more likely to relapse and potentially go back into using criminal behavior. Our consistent and encouraging program provides counseling and monitoring to sway the individual from substance use and creating a new life for themselves.

The transition from treatment to recovery

After an individual has made it through substance abuse treatment, they often believe that their problem gets sorted. They’ve achieved something great; they no longer need the drug that once ruled their life. However, their journey is not over yet. Aftercare addiction monitoring is just as important as their addiction program. During the first few years of recovery, a handful of individuals who thought they were cured of the disease can end up having a relapse. Our comprehensive addiction treatment and ongoing monitoring help our patients to stay on track and make a full a recovery so that they can get back to the life they once had before they began using drugs or alcohol.

The benefits of case management

A case manager is very beneficial to our clients when they’re going through substance use recovery. A coordinated system of care helps our patients to have support and structure throughout their entire treatment. Our case managers are highly trained, experienced and professional; they can meet all our patient’s requirements. By having a detailed understanding of all the treatments, a case manager is there to give advice to the recovering individual should they need it. This type of program has the following benefits:

  • It teaches the client routine; they’re more likely to show up to their appointments
  • We can provide self-management skills to our patients
  • It provides satisfaction to both the patient, their family and their case manager
  • We supply a high quality of care and commitment