Your first step to recovery begins here

It’s often said that the first step to recovery is admitting that you or a family member has a problem with drugs or alcohol. While that’s true, the next step is even bigger—asking for help. It isn’t easy, but it’s where the journey to discovering the joy and freedom of recovery begins. When reaching out to us, please remember:

  • Asking for help takes courage.
  • The act of reaching out and overcoming denial takes honesty and acceptance.
  • Asking for help is something that you need to do because you will never get help if you don’t seek it.
  • Addiction is a complex disease. This is why it is critical to reaching out to medical professionals that are experts in addiction medicine. 
  • Master Center offers 100% confidential substance use assessment and treatment in a caring and welcoming environment 

Please use the contact form below to learn more about our broad range of drug dependence rehabilitation, social support services, continual assessment, recovery coaching, and peer-based models that are defining a new standard in addiction medicine. Our compassionate team is ready to help you transition from addiction to recovery.