Drug and alcohol addiction is a horrible disease that affects thousands of Virginia residents each year. What’s more, getting over substance abuse on your own is increasingly difficult. If you want to achieve sobriety, getting professional help from a reliable recovery center is often the first step.

Here at Master Center in Hampton, Virginia, it’s our primary mission to help anyone struggling with substance abuse wanting to transition into a healthier and happier lifestyle. Since not all addictions are alike, we offer a wide variety of treatment options for all of our patients. 

Why Choose an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

We understand that everyone can do an inpatient treatment program. As a result, we offer an effective intensive outpatient program that’s more suitable for several patients. After one of our certified specialists conducts a thorough consultation, they can determine whether the patient is suitable for our IOP. 

Here’s an example of someone who would benefit from our intensive outpatient program:

  • Someone who struggles with addiction but needs a way to balance their home and work life with their treatment.
  • A patient that isn’t eligible for inpatient care but still needs services for their addiction.
  • Someone who can’t physically travel to our center for treatment.
  • If one of our specialists recommends other forms of treatment alongside standard procedures like health activities, hobbies, etc.

How Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Can Help

Our intensive outpatient programs are specifically designed to deliver patients a more convenient way to battle substance use disorder. Unlike inpatient care, the IOP doesn’t require around-the-clock supervision from a certified addiction specialist.

For many patients, addiction treatment at a hospital or facility can be challenging. Not only are they further away from friends and family, but they also have to adjust to living in a new space. Furthermore, patients have to take time away from their professional life, which isn’t always possible. The IOP gives patients the ability to treat their addiction without interfering with their work or personal life. 

For the perfect balance, an IOP is often the best choice. Here at Master Center in Hampton, VA, we provide one of the most effective IOPs in the state. We offer reliable treatment programs that get our patients involved with many of the support groups and additional therapies that help them shake their addictions once and for all. 

How Effective Is It?

Intensive outpatient programs can be a highly effective addiction treatment option for those struggling with substance use disorder. We typically like to put our patients into small support groups that makes the treatment more comfortable and engaging. 

If the patients actively participate in all the activities and use all the tools provided by our team, their chances of reaching recovery are exceptionally high. 

An important aspect of achieving sobriety is knowing that it will be both a physical and emotional battle. We can provide the resources to help treat withdrawal symptoms and mental struggles, but it’s far more effective if the patients are aware of how recovery works. 

How Our Intensive Outpatient Program is Different

The team here at Master Center aims to go above and beyond to ensure you or your loved ones get the best care possible. We’ll be with you every step of the way from first contact right up until total sobriety. 

We start all our patients off with a comprehensive biopsychosocial exam that helps determine the best treatment route. Once the results are in, one of our care professionals will create a personalized service plan. What’s more, we also provide educational content to close friends and family members so they can better understand how to help a loved o’s struggling with substance abuse disorders. 

Our goal isn’t just to provide treatment but also to inform our patients about managing their symptoms on their own. We believe that this practice is the best for long-term recovery. With our years of experience and tried and tested services, we can deliver the most effective therapies for substance abuse disorders in Hampton, VA. 

Start The Journey To a New Life

Drug and alcohol abuse is a nationwide problem that requires long-term solutions. Master Center in Hampton, VA, puts results as our top priority. We also go the extra mile to ensure all our patients feel comfortable and motivated during each stage of their treatment. 

The first step is to get in contact with one of our certified care specialists. You can contact our team in Hampton, Virginia, directly by calling (804) 331-6904, or by filling out our contact form.