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Get the kind, comprehensive, and humane addiction treatment you deserve at the Master Center for Addiction Medicine in Gloucester, Virginia.

Where other treatment centers in Virginia and beyond may focus only on behavioral therapy, group counseling, or medication-assisted treatment, we combine all three at each of our treatment centers. 

Whether you are at the brink of a medical emergency or are seeking a low commitment outpatient program, each case is individually assessed to ensure optimal relapse prevention at Master Center.

Our Approach to Rehab & Treatment

The idea that addiction is a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease has been accepted today as mainstream orthodoxy. So why isn’t it treated as such in the medical community? Inspired by the American Society for Addiction Medicine, Master Center was created to provide people who are struggling with addiction with accessible, quality care at all three of our Virginia locations: Gloucester, Hampton, and Glen Allen.

We view the physical dependence that can grow from habitual use of a substance as a sickness. When someone attempts to seek recovery services and stop using drugs, that sickness becomes the primary obstacle to regaining optimal physical and mental health. 

At Master Center, our team of clinicians and staff have vast expertise and varied experience when it comes to everything from the management of withdrawal symptoms to navigating insurance issues. No patient who comes to any of our Virginia locations will be left in the dark when it comes to their own recovery. 

How We Help

When a patient walks through the doors of any Virginia-based Master Center, they will be equipped with the tools to build enduring relapse prevention strategies. That comes through the combined use of detox programs, medication-assisted treatment programs, and sustained recovery service programs that include family therapy, addiction psychiatry, and individualized care coordination.

We work with most national and Virginia-based insurance plans, and offer a popular Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those who aren’t able to commit themselves to long-durational inpatient treatment. Our IOP comes complete with a biopsychosocial assessment, and a service plan individually tailored to each patient’s relationship with substances and their specific treatment needs. 

Group therapy, family education, counseling for mental health, and in-house referrals for psychiatric and addiction medicine are just some of the services that make our rehab in Gloucester nationally renowned.

Why Choose Master Center in Gloucester, VA

Many addiction treatment centers only offer inpatient treatment programs or intensive outpatient programs. Master Center offers both. Each care track varies in intensity according to the time and need that is suitable for each case.

Privacy and confidentiality are critical for those seeking treatment in a recovery program like the kind offered at our locations. Our medical records are protected according to HIPAA rules and the Code of Federal Regulations. Treatment records and medical advice are under no circumstances shared with anyone without the patient’s express written consent. Trust is a top priority between those in programs and the clinicians treating them, and there is no trust without privacy.

Our nationally renowned addiction treatment center offers recovery and relapse prevention service programs that are based on empathy and efficacy. At our Gloucester treatment center, addiction treatment takes the form of behavioral therapy, psychiatric counseling, and an engaged effort to be of service to one’s self.

Substance use disorders cut us off from ourselves and degrade our health. Master Center can help you find your way back to you again.

Treatment team

Dr. James Thompson

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Tony Booth

CSAC, Counselor, Group Therapy
Jennifer Erisman

Jennifer Erisman

LCSW, Counselor, Group Therapy

Evelyn Zak

BA, CSAC, C-IAYT, Counselor, Group Therapy

Lorne Powell

CSAC, IOP Coordinator

Carla Taylor

CSAC, LSATP, IOP Coordinator

Stacey Orf

Supervisee in SW, Group & Individual Therapy

Samantha Hasenzahl

PMHNP, Addiction Psychiatry Provider

Katie Haskins

LPC, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy
Jackson Justin

Justin Jackson

LPC, LSATP, NCC, C-DBT, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy

Dr. Kira Bleecher

Addiction Psychiatry Provider

Katrina Thomas

LPN, Community Health Coordinator

Jay Dobson

CSAC, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy

Bryan Wheeler

PA-C, Addiction Medicine Provider

Programs & services available

Other Locations

Master Center is proud to serve the great state of Virginia. We are headquartered in Central Virginia in an accessible and welcoming office in Glen Allen, Greater Richmond. Our second location was the beautiful Gloucester, VA office, and finally we opened our third location in the Tidewater region of Hampton, VA. 

Restart Your Life Today

Our team of highly trained, multidisciplinary professionals are dedicated to serving patients suffering with substance use disorders in Gloucester, VA. Through individualized addiction treatment, behavioral therapy, and counseling, lives are changed for the better.

If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from a substance abuse recovery program, get in touch with us today to regain your sober life.

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