3 Benefits of Evening IOP

3 Benefits of Evening IOP

Addiction treatment programs such as intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) in the evening can help those with busy schedules to recover from substance abuse issues. These programs can range from intensive outpatient programs that provide medical supervision and flexibility to residential programs that house those in recovery for a prolonged period. 

Higher levels of care can offer patients more direct supervision, treatment, and community support for individuals who display more medical necessity for this level of treatment. However, other individuals suffering from addiction may not be able to sacrifice daytime hours for these recovery programs. Evening IOPs can offer individuals significant benefits, including more freedom, community involvement, and even a more affordable price. 

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What Is an Evening IOP? 

An evening IOP program is essentially the same as a regular outpatient program, except it caters to those who can only make it to treatment in the evening. These programs are designed to offer the medical-assisted therapy, treatments, guidance, and community of a normal IOP but adapted to a different type of schedule. 

Individuals who struggle with addiction in these roles can often have the hardest time with their addictions in the evenings after their stressful day winds down. In these situations, they can feel isolated and depleted, making them very vulnerable to the pull of their addictive tendencies. These feelings are not a personal fault; it is simply a habit that becomes hardwired in the brain after prolonged use. Evening IOPs can help individuals in these difficult and seemingly hopeless situations get the help they need to take steps in a positive direction amidst a hectic schedule. 

3 Benefits of Evening IOP 

1. Maintain Employment 

Most treatment programs only offer services during normal working hours. Unfortunately, most people cannot sacrifice their work to make it to those programs. This unavailability results in a lack of faith in the treatment and the ability to recover. Thankfully, IOP programs that operate in the evening give everyday people who struggle with the very real issue of addiction a realistic avenue to seeking professional, medically-guided treatment. 

2. Family Time 

Maintaining a healthy connection with family can empower individuals struggling with addiction to stick to treatment and make progress in a positive direction. Residential treatment programs are often not an option for people who have small children or who act as a caretaker. Evening IOP programs provide sound treatment and guidance that can be powerful modes of healing when combined with support from the family. Additionally, realizing the improved capabilities of being there for your loved ones as you conquer your addictive tendencies can serve as an important reinforcement to stay on the path. 

3. Affordability 

One of the biggest benefits of IOP in the evening is its lower price tag compared to residential programs. Residential programs cost more because they offer lodging and around-the-clock care services to the individuals they house. While the needs for this type of treatment vary, the reduced cost of treatment for IOP in the evening makes it much more realistic for individuals who have a family to support or bills for which they are responsible. 

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