How Much Does IOP Cost: Out-of-Pocket Price, Insurance, and Assistance Programs

How Much Does IOP Cost: Out-of-Pocket Price, Insurance, and Assistance Programs

If you’re researching Intensive Outpatient Programs (also known as IOP), it’s likely someone told you that you needed it. Most of the time, you’re not told much else about IOP itself, especially what you can expect to pay for this addiction treatment option.

As a provider of IOP services in Virginia that has guided thousands of patients through this treatment program, we can help. In fact, one of the most common questions we get asked is about the cost of IOP.

Not only is IOP an effective tool in treating substance use disorder, it is also an affordable option when compared to residential treatment which can run up to $27,000 for a 4-week stay.

The answer to how much IOP will cost you is, of course, that it varies. Read on to learn more about what can influence the cost you will ultimately pay for IOP.

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How Much Does IOP Cost

Before we get into the cost of IOP, it’s important to note that health insurance plans are increasingly covering the cost of Intensive Outpatient Programs. If you have insurance (including Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare), it’s likely that you can find a provider that takes your insurance. With insurance, you may be partially or fully covered for IOP treatment.

Without health insurance, IOP generally costs between $3,000 to $10,000. IOP at Master Center is somewhere in the middle of this range. We charge $350 per session – which for the full 24 sessions adds up to $8,400.

This is strictly the out-of-pocket price for IOP and the most you can expect to pay. There are a handful of options to help reduce or eliminate the cost of IOP for you. Let’s start with health insurance.

Health Insurance and Paying for IOP

Most people have government-provided or commercial health insurance that could reduce the cost of IOP. The amount your insurance covers will vary based on your individual insurance plan and whether the IOP provider accepts it.

For example, Master Center accepts Virginia Medicaid, Virginia Anthem, and Tricare insurance for IOP services. Virginia Medicaid covers the IOP cost at 100%. Virginia Anthem plans and Tricare also cover IOP. Depending on your individual plan, you might be responsible for co-payments or meeting your deductible.

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Assistance Programs and Paying for IOP

Another way to lower the cost of your Intensive Outpatient Program is to tap into available grants or assistance programs. There are many available and could be national or local. Each program will have some requirements you need to meet in order to be eligible for assistance under a specific program. Here are some common examples.

Addiction treatment for:

  • Pregnant people
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Seniors
  • College students
  • People who live is a specific location

In Virginia, no-cost addiction treatment may be available to some Virginians living in the Northern Neck . Several providers, including Master Center, participate with the Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance (BRTA). BRTA has grants available to cover the cost of addiction treatment, including IOP, for qualifying residents within certain counties.

To find programs that might apply to you, your best bet is to work with a community resource who can point you towards programs for which you may qualify. Seek out your local social services office, Community Services Board, or, if you happen to be in this position, your parole or probation officer.

Another way is to start Googling.

  • Some good search terms might be:
  • Free addiction treatment near me
  • Addiction treatment grants in (your state)
  • Addiction treatment for (add some of your attributes here)

You could also call a local addiction treatment center and ask them for any information they might have about available free or reduced-cost programs.

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What Do I Get for the Cost of IOP?

IOP is a structured substance use disorder treatment program, comprised of, as the name implies, intensive therapy. There are strict guidelines in place that govern Intensive Outpatient Programs. IOP group therapy sessions are a minimum of 3 hours each and must total 24 sessions. The number of sessions per week can vary by provider.

Master Center IOP meets four times per week, so you can move through the program faster, completing the program in just six weeks. We have IOP sessions that meet during the day or the evening. We also provide virtual or in-person options. You can choose which options work best for your schedule.


How does the cost of IOP compare to residential treatment?

IOP is often a much more affordable option than inpatient residential treatment. Residential treatment can cost anywhere between $14,000 and $27,000 for 4 weeks. Like Intensive Outpatient Programs, your final cost for residential treatment will vary based on the treatment center you select and whether it accepts your insurance. Additionally, you should figure in any travel costs, or costs associated with missing work, childcare, pet-sitting, etc.

Intensive Outpatient Programs are proven to be just as effective as inpatient programs in supporting long-term abstinence and recovery. Plus, IOP allows you to get addiction treatment while continuing to work, go to school, and meet any other obligations that would be put on hold while you spent 4 weeks in a residential treatment center. There are other advantages to IOP, such as access to group therapy when temptation and trip-ups happen out in the real world. You’ll have support as you navigate your recovery and the pressures of daily life.

IOP can be the first step in your recovery journey, or it may be a step-down program after you’ve completed an inpatient program. It depends on your personal treatment plan, which you will develop with help from your medical clinician. Either way, IOP is a viable option for addiction treatment that you should carefully weigh against inpatient residential treatment.

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Finding and Paying for Your IOP

The first step you should take to determine the cost of IOP is to call your health insurance plan. Ask them if IOP is a covered service on your plan. Also, ask if your deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance applies to this service. If IOP is a covered service on your plan, ask them which providers in your area are in-network with your specific plan

Next, research and look at each provider’s website. Look for IOPs that provide multiple time and day options to find one that best fits your schedule.

If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of IOP, look for grants in your area or contact your local Community Service Board to see if they have funds or assistance available to people in your area.

Some providers, like Master Center, offer payment plans to help spread out the cost of IOP if you choose to pay out-of-pocket.

IOP at Master Center

Our goal is to make addiction treatment available, affordable, and effective for as many people as possible. When you commit to IOP here, you’ll have the support of your group therapy leader and the individuals joining you for therapy each day. They’ve been where you are and can provide real-world suggestions to approach the shared challenges of recovery.

And yet, IOP is only one service you’ll find at Master Center. Depending on your individual needs, you’ll find medical providers, peer recovery coaches, addiction psychiatry providers, certified therapists, and more. All to support your recovery journey and all “under one roof” to make it easier to access the services you need.

To get started, call our intake team for a free consultation at 804.332.5950. We will answer all your questions, review your options, and set you up with the earliest available appointment to start IOP.

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