4 Benefits of Telehealth Services

4 Benefits of Telehealth Services

Telecommunications technology continues to advance every year. These technological upgrades also improve the benefits of telehealth services and their capabilities for providing more value to physicians and patients alike. As this technology continues to grow and the world progresses further into the remote work revolution, healthcare providers work to provide high-level telehealth addiction treatment programs for their patients. 

Our team here at Master Center offers physician-led telehealth treatment services that can help to enrich the aftercare patient experience and maintain guidance after the primary treatment sessions have concluded. Reach out to our team at Master Center to learn how we leverage telehealth services to provide highly personalized care to our valued patients. 

What Are Telehealth Options?

Telehealth provides a remote method of interaction for individuals and treatment providers. These options can facilitate telehealth for rehab, mental health treatment through telehealth, and more. 

There are four main types of telehealth services: 

Live Video Conferencing

The most well-known type of telehealth is live video conferencing. Live video conferencing consists of a live, video-based conference between a patient and their healthcare provider. Live video conferencing eliminates commute time and stress for both the patient and provider and helps bring healthcare to usually rural areas that don’t have nearly as many healthcare options as urban areas.

Asynchronous Video Conferencing

Asynchronous video conferencing delivers a patient’s medical history electronically to a provider outside the area of care. This flexibility allows providers in multiple locations to work together on a specific case. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring involves care that enables physicians to monitor patients from a different location than where the patient is. This care is especially effective for seniors living in guided care facilities. 

Mobile Health

Mobile health involves using smart devices that help aid in providers’ treatment and analysis process. There are also digital applications that providers can use to accompany these devices to make care seamless. Many of these health-based apps can remotely monitor everything from a patient’s blood sugar level to heart rate.

4 Benefits of Telehealth Services 

1. Increased Access to Care

Perhaps the most important benefit of telehealth services is the increased access to care for underserved populations. Some areas lack the necessary amount of treatment providers needed to care for everyone in the area properly. Telehealth services enable providers from anywhere to service individuals who need care, no matter how remote the location. 

2. Improved Provider Efficiency 

Telehealth and telemedicine services do not replace in-person treatment options. Instead, they enhance the patient-doctor relationship by enabling effective in-person care and more streamlined follow-ups and aftercare guidance. 

3. Reduced Cost 

Another significant benefit of the reduced need for in-person visits is the reduced cost of care for individuals who cannot afford the often expensive in-person visit. Telehealth eliminates the need for transportation and travel expenses while also minimizing the costs of rehab and mental health treatment programs. 

4. Increased Patient-Doctor Satisfaction

Patients and doctors alike consistently report that telehealth options improve their dynamics and enable a more efficient relationship. It removes pressure from the doctor and gives the patient easier access to follow-up care and questions they may have regarding their particular program. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Telehealth Services With Master Center 

Our team employs the various benefits of telehealth to create a highly efficient relationship between providers and individuals who receive treatment. These services enable us to create a healthy dynamic that makes individuals who need help with rehab or mental health issues get the help they need while making it easier for providers to offer guidance efficiently. For more information on how we utilize telehealth services to benefit providers and individuals in treatment programs, reach out to our team today at Master Center.

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