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Chesterfield is an ideal location to serve patients on Richmond’s Southside, Manchester, and as far as Petersburg. Call us today at 804.571.7843 to speak with a trained intake coordinator.

Addiction Medicine and Therapy in Chesterfield, VA

Master Center for Addiction Medicine provides counseling and treatment across the state of Virginia to address a wide variety of substance abuse disorders. With our extensive range of doctors and treatment specialists, we can now service Richmond’s Southside from our newest office in Chesterfield. 

You’ll find a warm and welcoming environment to help make your recovery process more comfortable.

We know that addiction is a disease the impacts family and friends. Master Center offers services for families and loved ones to help encourage success and motivation for those seeking treatment for substance use disorders.

Our team also provides insurance information to help you reduce the costs associated with addiction treatment. Don’t let insurance worries stop you from pursuing treatment. Reach out today to find out how we can help.

Rehab & Treatment in Chesterfield, VA

Drug addiction is a devastating disease that affects thousands of Americans and their families every year. With affordable prescription medications routinely given out due to an increase in health insurance, overdoses and relapse rates are increasing rapidly. Not only can these drugs take a toll on one’s physical and mental health, they can be deadly.

To help combat the epidemic of drug addiction, we aim to provide behavioral health services and counseling to help those seeking a better life. 

Our facility uses doctor-led services designed for maximum effectiveness against substance use disorders in Chesterfield, Virginia. All of our medication-assisted treatment programs and services are based on documented results to ensure that the chances of our patients reaching a complete recovery are exceptionally high. 

The first step toward recovery at our treatment center is a consultation with one of our doctors. They can recommend the most viable route for recovery based on your goals, medical history, personal preferences. Contact us today to learn more about what’s covered by your insurance.

Why Choose Master Center in Chesterfield, VA

Our team holds strong values when it comes to our addiction treatment programs. We provide effective and personalized behavioral therapy services to help each person with their unique situation. Not only do we utilize a combination of medication-assisted treatments, but we also include holistic therapy options to ensure a long-term recovery.

To reach as many people in Chesterfield, Virginia as possible, we offer a versatile approach to our therapies. 

Patients have the option to go through an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or undergo individual and group therapy at our addiction treatment center depending on their wishes and insurance coverage. 

We also provide medication options post-detox, such as Vivitrol and Suboxone, that reduces cravings and lower the chances of relapsing. Get in touch to find out what your insurance will cover. 

Our Values

We are always innovating to ensure our facilities are the leading treatment centers in Virginia. We provide the highest level of service possible for all patients. 

To enhance our results, we create an environment built on trust and heavily focused on mental health. All of our treatment specialists and patients are treated like family, and we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets the treatment and respect they deserve. 

Our team understands that battling addiction is a physical and mental health struggle. As a result, we practice empathy and understanding whenever communicating with our patients and their family members about therapy and insurance limitations. Our treatment programs and services are constantly evolving. As more information about drug addiction treatment is becoming available, we strive for innovation within our community. The doctors at Master Center combine their extensive medical experience with modern services to provide effective medication-assisted treatment, reducing harm and increasing recovery rates.

Treatment team

Dr. James Thompson

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Bennett Thomas

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Tony Booth

CSAC, Counselor, Group Therapy
Jennifer Erisman

Jennifer Erisman

LCSW, Counselor, Group Therapy

Evelyn Zak

BA, CSAC, C-IAYT, Counselor, Group Therapy

Shannon Thompson

AGACNP-BC, Addiction Medicine Provider

Lorne Powell

CSAC, IOP Coordinator

Carla Taylor

CSAC, IOP Coordinator

Stacey Orf

Supervisee in SW, Group & Individual Therapy

Samantha Hasenzahl

PMHNP, Addiction Psychiatry Provider

Katie Haskins

LPC, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy
Jackson Justin

Justin Jackson

LPC, LSATP, NCC, C-DBT, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy

Dr. Kira Bleecher

Addiction Psychiatry Provider

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a nationwide problem that requires serious solutions. Thousands of lives are lost every year as a result of drug overdoses, leaving families in a state of grief and devastation. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in Chesterfield, Virginia, you’re not alone.

At any sign that you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to seek professional substance abuse treatment. Battling addiction on your own is incredibly challenging and lonely. Having a support network, be that family or professional care, to help you through the treatment process is crucial for a full recovery. 

With our counseling and resources, we can help your physical and mental health heal from addiction. Get in touch with our Chesterfield, VA team today to learn more about our services, insurance information, or to schedule a consultation with a doctor. Find out more about our accepted insurance providers.

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