Vivitrol Treatment Support in Gloucester, VA

When you are in the throes of addiction, it can feel like there is no end in sight. You may recognize that the habits you’ve formed are unhealthy and no longer serve you, but unfortunately, breaking the cycle of substance abuse is not achieved by simply recognizing the problem. That’s where our Vivitrol treatment in Gloucester, Virginia comes into play.

By providing Medicine-Assisted Treatment with this effective medication, Master Center supports our Virginia neighbors struggling with alcohol and opiate addiction. Everyone deserves compassionate support and medical expertise on their road to recovery. Our clinic in Gloucester is here to help.

Why Use Vivitrol To Detox

There are many modern medical interventions utilized today to support folks in their journey away from drug and alcohol addiction. Our Gloucester, VA center uses a Medication-Assisted Treatment method supported by Vivitrol. 

Vivitrol is the brand name of an injection medication called Naltrexone. It is used to subdue withdrawal cravings for opioids or alcohol by blocking the effects of those substances. 

It is incredibly difficult and takes immense bravery to end a substance abuse habit. Relapse is a very common problem that can dampen spirits and delay the road to recovery. We offer this treatment to the Gloucester, VA community because it is effective in minimizing that risk of relapse.

How Can Vivitrol Help Someone in Addiction Treatment?

Vivitrol functions by hindering patients who use substances from experiencing the “positive” effects of drugs and alcohol. When taking Naltrexone, feelings of well-being and pain relief that folks typically get from drug or alcohol addiction are reduced. 

By breaking this cycle of withdrawal, substance use, and relief, Medication-Assisted Treatment using Naltrexone allows residents of Gloucester, VA to detox from a drug more naturally. In combination with other medications, it can play a huge part in the success of a patient’s addiction treatment. 

Vivitrol can’t do all the work on its own though. That’s why our Gloucester, VA clinic provides a variety of other supportive services to the community as part of our Medication-Assisted Treatment with Vivitrol. The patient is supported by expert medical staff who are as caring as they are professional. Additionally, group and one-on-one therapy sessions are woven into our treatment programs to ensure folks in Gloucester, VA have holistic support during and well beyond their intensive treatment. 

Plus, most insurance plans cover use of this drug, so you don’t need to worry about going into debt to seek help.

Vivitrol for Opioid Treatment

While this injection drug is a key part of sustaining abstinence from opioids at our Gloucester, VA clinic, it is not the first step to healing. At the beginning of a treatment program, patients are required to go through a complete detoxification process prior to their utilization of Vivitrol. That’s because it is intended as a supportive drug that can help ease withdrawal symptoms and minimize the chance of relapse.

Our Gloucester, VA doctors will ensure patients have gone through successful detox by injecting a very small amount of Naloxone. If no opioid withdrawal symptoms begin, this is a clear sign that the physical dependence on the drug addiction has subsided. A Vivitrol treatment program can then begin.

Taking this drug long-term is a crucial part of Medication-Assisted Treatment for some folks after their initial detox. The injections can help prevent a relapse down the line and can truly allow a new shot at a healthy, fulfilling life for patients in Gloucester, VA. 

Vivitrol for Alcohol Treatment

Similar to the requirement for detoxification prior to Naloxone use with opioids, Vivitrol can only be used for folks struggling with alcohol addiction after the first stage of physical dependency has passed. 

Once a patient is ready to begin treatment, our Gloucester, VA staff can help facilitate injections of this drug. Like with other substances, Vivitrol hinders activation in the pleasure center of the brain from alcohol. With no feeling of reward, cravings to consume alcohol are diminished because drinking no longer feels as satisfying. If a patient is to drink while taking this drug, they essentially will not feel any of the usual benefits they associate with alcohol, hence it can support them on their journey to sobriety. 

How Long is The Vivitrol Detox Process?

The Gloucester, VA clinic works closely with patients to ensure the detox process is tailored to their unique needs. We know each and every person will walk their own path towards healing, and we strive to support the Gloucester, VA community holistically by approaching each case compassionately and individually.

Typically, Naltrexone is administered at our Gloucester, VA center once every 4 weeks. As part of a Medication-Assisted Treatment program, this drug has shown to be incredibly safe and effective as a proactive solution to prevent relapse. By working closely with the Gloucester, VA staff, patients can utilize the drug for the short or long term to support their unique healing journey. 

Some utilize this option for years and others feel that they can move away from it after only a few months. Since treatment is covered by insurance, folks have the ability to navigate this without an added financial burden. 

At the Gloucester, VA clinic, we recommend that you stay on this treatment method for at least one year to maximize the likelihood of success, but it’s best to talk to your doctor to determine what is right for you.

Our Vivitrol Detox Approach

Our approach to Vivitrol detox here in Gloucester, VA is holistic and compassionate. We strive to treat and support the whole person, not just their addiction. 

By recognizing humanity and showing compassion to every patient that comes through our door, as well as offering counseling and other supportive networks, we support the resiliency of the Gloucester, VA community.

The Time For Recovery Is Now

If you’re ready to take that first step towards healing, reach out to Master Center in Gloucester, VA. With supportive, holistic treatment programs that accept most insurance, we serve our community with immense pride and confidence that recovery is possible. 

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