CEO of Master Center for Addiction Medicine Appointed to PAN Foundation’s Board of Directors

CEO of Master Center for Addiction Medicine Appointed to PAN Foundation’s Board of Directors

Patient Access Network Foundation has announced the appointment of Anna McKean, our CEO at Master Center, to the PAN Foundation’s Board of Directors!

The PAN Foundation is an independent, national 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping federally and commercially insured people living with life-threatening, chronic, and rare diseases with the out-of-pocket costs for their prescribed medications. Since 2004, the foundation has provided more than 1 million underinsured patients with $4 billion in financial assistance. Partnering with generous donors, healthcare providers, and pharmacies, the PAN Foundation provides the underinsured population access to the healthcare treatments they need to best manage their conditions and focus on improving their quality of life.

Anna comes to the PAN Foundation with over 20 years of executive leadership and strategic planning experience in various healthcare settings, including as our CEO at Master Center. Prior to joining the Master Center, Anna led a consulting practice at KPMG and provided advisory services through her firm, Aviant Health. She also served in leadership roles at early-stage growth companies in the health sector, including Health Diagnostic Laboratory. There she led a 200-person team that delivered population health improvement programs to employers and health systems, realizing 100 percent growth in three consecutive years. 

In addition to positively impacting the addiction medicine community as well as the advanced diagnostics industry, Anna’s past expertise includes serving as president and chief operating officer at PartnerMD, a pioneer in concierge medicine. Under her leadership, PartnerMD grew from a single physician practice to a sophisticated business operation with multiple locations and more than 4,000 clients between 2004 and 2010. 

“The challenge of paying for essential medical care is a growing problem for both those who are uninsured as well as those who have health insurance,” says Anna. “It’s an honor to join the PAN Foundation’s Board and to work with others committed to access and affordability by helping underinsured patients get the life-saving medication and treatments they need to improve their quality of life.”  

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