The Foundation of Fulfilling our Mission

The Foundation of Fulfilling our Mission

The COVID-19 epidemic has been a true test for the Master Center in our mission to serve our patients, who need care and support more than ever. Over the past few weeks, the team at the Master Center has never lost its focus or dedication. In contrast, it has grown stronger, more resolute, and more committed to fighting the disease of addiction by meeting this challenge head-on.

Each member of our team has been willing to work more hours and meet each and every challenge in the transition to a totally new way of providing care. While making the adjustment to a remote work environment, our providers began seeing patients via telehealth, and have continued to accept new patients that need help. It took true teamwork to make the necessary changes in our continuum of care, from our peer recovery coaches, our therapy team, and our physician and NP addiction medicine providers. Our administrative support staff have also been instrumental in guiding our patients through how to complete their visits using the Zoom video app while making in-person aspects of a visit, such as check-in and check-out, a virtual process. This transition is an incredible example of adapting our model to the needs of our patients, made possible by the contributions of each team member. It reminds me again of what I love most about our Master Center team—the passion and dedication for doing the extra work to help our patients progress in their recovery journey.

Teamwork is the most vital aspect of any organization at any time—not to mention, just about anything we do as human beings. This fact is never more evident than when our communities across the world are faced with difficult times. We can all agree that now is one of those times. And while the world struggles at this very moment, we are keenly aware of the resilience of the individuals working together all around us in every community.

To our own team, we say: You make us proud. You make us hopeful. And you make us aware that it is possible to overcome even the largest challenges that we face when we work together!

It’s during difficult periods of time like this that good healthcare teams band together and find new and creative ways to move forward for the benefit of the patients they serve. With that in mind, we are extending our heartfelt gratitude to our entire team. Their compassion, tenacity, and ability to come together during unprecedented times gives us hope for the future and confidence that together we as a community will overcome the current health crisis.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Anna McKean

Chief Executive Officer, Master Center