Recovery for Everyone, Everywhere.

Recovery for Everyone, Everywhere.

Recovery for Everyone, Everywhere.

By Bari Cohen, Director of Medical Services & Care Coordination at Master Center for Addiction Medicine

From Richmond to Gloucester to Hampton and beyond.

Recovery from addiction is absolutely possible. This is true for almost anyone.  

Please know that the most important things needed to achieve recovery are NOT the things that will help someone succeed in other areas of life. For example, a college degree is not necessary for good recovery. Earning a great income is not necessary for recovery. Driving a nice car, or any car is not necessary for someone to recover.  

So, what is necessary for a person to recover? What is essential? Asking for help is the first step for most. Then, and this is key, a person must be open-minded enough to follow the recommendations of someone who has experience in treating addiction or has recovered from addiction him or herself. 

This seems absurdly simple, but the willingness to be open to suggestions is often the hardest part. We ask for help, but when we hear a suggestion or recommendation that may make us feel uncomfortable, our brains respond with thoughts like, “That won’t help me; there is no way I am going to do that,” or, “I know myself; I don’t need that.” And of course, we absolutely believe what we are telling ourselves.  

Here is the problem with this; the brain that is generating those thoughts is the same organ that has become sick from addiction. When a person is in active addiction, the brain does not have the capacity to make good, healthy decisions. We often cannot see this because it is hard to believe we don’t know what is best for ourselves.  

That is why the willingness to try a new approach is so important. The willingness to do just one thing differently, even if it seems like it would not be helpful, even if we feel uncomfortable, and even if we simply do not want to, is all that is needed to start. Big changes do not need to be made all at once, nor do you need to think about them or try to anticipate them.   

When a person can put aside current ideas and beliefs, take a new action, or consider doing something differently, recovery can begin. If we keep our focus on following suggestions, being honest and open, and showing up, great things start to happen. If we continue like this even when we have achieved some drug or alcohol-free days, we will be able to enjoy long-term recovery. 

Recovery is for everyone. 

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