Rapid support team in Virginia

The Master Center’s Rapid Support Team is available to individuals and families that are dealing with emergency or urgent situations involving drug or alcohol use and related consequences.

Custom treatment solutions

Our team will meet family members at our office within hours of your call. This including weekends and holidays. During our meeting, the team will evaluate the situation and offer appropriate referrals. We offer medication assistance, residential treatment referrals, attorney resources and family support. Our team includes Medical Doctors, Recovery Coaches, Therapists and Family Support Specialists.

Our goal is to help families that find themselves trying to navigate the complex web of services and support. There are endless offers of treatment, all claiming to be the answer to your situation, we can save families hours of research and help prevent useless expenditures on interventionist and unproven treatment programs. Many families have reported spending substantial amounts of time and money seeking assistance before the appropriate help was found.

There is not a single, one size fits all treatment solution, each individual situation is unique, requiring an individual plan of action. Our team has unmatched years of experience and will ask the right questions to match you or your loved one with the appropriate support. Help is available.

Call our rapid support team now at 804.715.5228.

Legal problems or criminal charges? We can help.

Taking action early can be the difference between a successful plan being implemented and a wasted opportunity. If there are potential legal issues involved, it is imperative you or your loved one has the appropriate legal representation in place as quickly as possible to help mitigate the consequences. If your loved one is being detained in jail, having a meeting before posting bail can help guide you into using the offer of bail as a conduit to treatment.

Tailored support solutions

The fee for this service starts at $350.00, higher fees for nights, weekends and holidays, and is dependent on the scale of services that you require. Calls are answered immediately or returned within sixty minutes until 11:00 PM, calls after 11:00 PM will be returned by 8:00 AM the following morning, or a specified time of your choosing.

When facing issues of this type, family members often feel powerless and may believe there is no hope. We are here for you and your loved one. Help is available.