Providing addiction medicine in a warm and caring environment

Recovery from addiction can be a complicated process, which is precisely why no one should have to face it alone. At our treatment center, we believe that effective addiction treatment starts and ends with compassion. Our priority is your recovery. We achieve this via a multidisciplinary approach of counseling, toxicology, and therapy. Long-term recovery success for our patients is at the center of everything we do.

Our Approach to Rehab & Treatment

Our recovery services are centered on creating a warm, welcoming treatment environment where patients are encouraged to grow. Substance abuse is challenging to recover from and can severely affect your mental health without proper treatment. Through our specialized counseling and therapy treatment, our addiction center is somewhere safe for patients to recover, free from all judgment. 

There are five key components that we hold central to our treatment program. By adhering to these five treatment principles, we can remain confident we are cultivating a compassionate and productive treatment center. They consist of:

  • Leadership: Addiction can make you feel isolated and alone. Our expert therapists take full responsibility for your initial treatment before helping you to find your own independence. We hold our treatment to a high standard of care to ensure our treatment program meets your every need.
  • Trust: It is not easy to admit you need treatment, neither is it easy to accept that help. Earning the trust of our patients is integral to the success of our treatment program, so we take special care to ensure we are deserving of it.
  • Compassion: Addiction can take an enormous toll on your mental health, and recovery takes time. Our experts sympathize and empathize fully with our patients and their families throughout the recovery period. Whether it is yourself or a family member in recovery, our specialists are here to offer support.
  • Teamwork: Recovery is a team effort. While we are committed to going the extra mile for our patients, they must meet us halfway. We encourage this with positive reinforcement and a safe, warm environment. Together, substance abuse can be a thing of the past.
  • Innovation: Our approach to recovery is ever-changing as we continue to learn more about the nature of addiction and the effect it has on our patients. We make every effort to ensure our practices are state-of-the-art, from behavioral therapy to outpatient services.

Everything we do is underpinned by these five key values. By adhering to these guiding principles, we can ensure that our patients and their families receive the very best care. Our treatment is so effective because we put our patients first, before anything else. 

Why Choose Master Center in Glen Allen, VA

We recognize first and foremost that addiction is both treatable and manageable. It is entirely possible to reintroduce joy and freedom back into your life through your recovery, regardless of your addiction history. With the help of our specialist advice and expert medical guidance, our patients can go on to build rewarding lives they once may not have thought possible.

Your care is paid for via your insurance, and we work with a variety of insurance providers. In fact, Master Center accepts most major insurance plans. This includes insurance offered by Medicare, CareMore, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, United Healthcare, Magellan, Virginia Medicaid, and many others! Recovery from addiction shouldn’t be inaccessible, so we work hard to keep it open to as many insurance plans as possible.

We have over a century of recovery and rehabilitation experience, working with patients and families from all backgrounds and circumstances. Our patients receive exclusively evidence-based treatment, with a mixture of counseling, behavioral therapy, and advanced toxicology in their recovery. Our treatment is consistently reviewed with the best interests of our patients firmly in mind. 

Ultimately, our goal for patients using our services is to develop skills that improve their health in the long term. We don’t want patients to only feel benefits while actively engaging with our services. We want those benefits to last. Recovery doesn’t have to stop at the end of your treatment, which is why we emphasize coping mechanisms and outpatient care. This could involve introducing educational resources to family members. 

Through a mixture of group counseling and individual counseling, we believe in the possibility of sustained recovery. If you are committed to your recovery, we can help you meet all of your health goals, both for now and in the future.

Treatment team

Dr. James Thompson

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Andreas Bienert

PhD, LPC, CSAC, Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Kira Bleecher

Addiction Psychiatry Provider

Francis Fletcher

CPRS, Lead Recovery Coach

Marci Waggoner

NP, Addiction Medicine Provider

Mary Bowman

NP, Addiction Medicine Provider

Jardine Espinos

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Evelyn Zak

BA, CSAC, C-IAYT, Counselor, Group Therapy
Jackson Justin

Justin Jackson

LPC, LSATP, NCC, C-DBT, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy
Jennifer Erisman

Jennifer Erisman

LCSW, Counselor, Group Therapy
Brian Miller

Brian Miller

CSAC, IOP Coordinator

Bennett Thomas

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Matthew Wynne

PA-C, Addiction Medicine Provider

Katie Haskins

LPC, Counselor, Group & Individual Therapy

Samantha Hasenzahl

PMHNP, Addiction Psychiatry Provider

Stacey Orf

Supervisee in SW, Group & Individual Therapy

Tony Booth

CSAC, Counselor, Group Therapy

Isha Toledo

Lead Healthcare Navigator

Lorne Powell

CSAC, IOP Coordinator

Carla Taylor

CSAC, IOP Coordinator
Evan Booth

Evan Booth

CPRS, Lead Recovery Coach

Becki Setterholm

Healthcare Navigator

LaTasha Cue

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Bennett Thomas

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

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