Is Telehealth for Addiction Treatment Right for Me?

Is Telehealth for Addiction Treatment Right for Me?

The disease of addiction is complex, but with the right help it is possible to discover the joy and freedom of recovery. Selecting the right program is a critical part of the journey. Increasingly, individuals and their family members impacted by addiction are tapping into the power of telehealth services for online addiction treatment on their own schedule and from the comfort of their own home. 

With advances in virtual technology, patients at Master Center, for example, no longer need to live near or travel to one of our outpatient addiction treatment centers in Greater Richmond, Gloucester, or Hampton in order to access the services they need. They can now leverage our addiction treatment services online as a way to keep themselves accountable while living their life at home comfortably. 

How Does Telehealth Work? 

Typically, the term telehealth refers to clinical and non-clinical applications of technology for a patient’s health. Scheduling appointments online and later attending those appointments over the phone or through a video call are both examples of telehealth services. It’s important to note that telehealth is different from telemedicine, which is specific to clinical uses of communication technology – such as diagnosing patients over the phone. 

What is Behavioral Telehealth?

Through telehealth, mental health services offer effective treatment for people who cannot always attend in-person therapy. Telehealth allows those who find in-person treatment inaccessible due to disabilities, limited scheduling, childcare issues, and limited travel ability to seek virtual mental health treatment from the comfort of their own homes. Therapists can also use telehealth services to maintain a more suitable schedule for their patients. 

Behavioral telehealth offers services such as text message reminders, which reduce the drop-out rates of rehab programs. These features can send out appointment reminders and allow further communication and interaction between patients and clinicians. Reaching out and supporting patients during their recovery helps keep patients accountable and on track. Online addiction rehab programs are more likely to keep patients from relapsing. 

Does Telehealth Work for Addiction Treatment?

Bottom line – yes.

Because of the chronic nature of substance use disorders, telehealth can help patients and their treatment team stay connected over extended period of time. With new tools in hand, patients can often access treatment services easier because barriers like geography and stigma are removed. 

Many patients and providers report that this type of communication through technology even leads to more contact with their doctor. As an example, rather than avoiding or missing therapy appointments, text and email updates motivate patients to attend their scheduled sessions. 

Patients also report that computer screenings can help lessen the amount of time they spend in an outpatient office setting or filling out forms during their session. Instead of spending time providing demographic data and similar information, patients can fill out computer screening applications beforehand, which provides more time for meaningful interactions with their counselor.

How Can I Start Telehealth Addiction Treatment?

Online addiction treatment can be a great way to keep yourself accountable while living your life at home comfortably. If you are interested in discussing the Master Center for Addiction Medicine’s behavioral telehealth options, reach out today at 804.332.5950 or use our confidential online form.

Master Center offers same-day and next-day appointments at all our outpatient centers. Whether you are struggling with opiates, sedatives, alcohol, or a combination of things, we can help today. Master Center’s outpatient care model is designed to rapidly respond to a request for help, providing immediate medical stabilization followed by a thorough psycho-social evaluation and individualized treatment plan.

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